Hi Dong: Also, the disconnection issue might have nothing with the NAS Router connection. If you dont want an account with Synology, you can skip QuickConnect and use Dynamic DNS. I have always been the type of person who built and ran their own file server. Take the F2 223 vs DS220+ the two latest dual-bay servers from TerraMaster and Synology for example. How are you naming your backup repositories (or extents in SOBR) today? But if you want to get the most out of network storage, Id recommend Synology. To make things easier to understand, if you mix two disks of different performances, the system will have to wait for the slower disk to be done with the entire copy of data before continuing in other RAIDs, only a portion of the data needs to be written on each disk. Your question/comment is one of many Dong Knows Tech receives daily. Containers have such a silly small footprint and Synology has a full docker CLI stack for diehards. We are not able to purchase a higher-end new NAS at this time so we will be keeping the 420j. However, in recent years some of the DS2xx and DS4xx can actually use a single expansion unit, meaning that the first number is not accurate in the number of total bays. Cause Video Station seem to be fetching the old info still, resulting to episodes not showing up in Video Station. Why are we talking about drive bays instead of hard drives? naming-authority is the reverse syntax of the Internet domain name of the naming authority. Every Synology NAS follows the same naming convention: But I'm not even sure that explanation is clear enough so let's break down some examples. Dong, you helped me upgrade my Wi-Fi router so now Im thinking about an NAS. 6 WD HDDs were used over 5 years (4 are Green and 2 WD Red), and 2 Seagate HDDs were used for 1-1/2 years (1 barracuda and 1 Iron wolf). File and Directory Names Try to buy your hard drives from difference places. WS2016FS_SMB_HDD_01. But I agree with Dong 100% having tried other solutions, Ill take good performance and ease of use/stability all day, every day over rolling my own NAS. And its even more so now. Wait a moment? In fact, with the benefits of hindsight and real-world usage, Im also more confident that nobody beats Synology in network-attached storage. Synology offers some 100 and counting free, high-quality apps, and you can also manually install apps from third-party developers. My server is Windows Server 2022 with 12 core Xeon CPU and 24GB RAM. It will leave you with no room for expansion and barely let you take advantage of the benefits of a Synology NAS. but I dont really understand the capacity. Theres a few Im struggling with, in order here in the importance to me. Deploy Hyper-V over SMB Article 08/31/2016 15 minutes to read In this article Prerequisites Step 1: Configuring file server clusters Step 2: Install Hyper-V Step 3: Create an SMB file share Step 4: Create a virtual machine and virtual hard disk file on the file share Step 5: Migrate virtual machine storage to an SMB file share standard series (no digit) = mixture of performance and storage.. More than enough HP but it . Upgrading your RAM means your NAS simply has that much more space to store files in fast memory rather than reading from disk. I manage 6 Synology NAS and have had much better durability and less instance of bad sectors with Exos. Install the WordPress package, and you can make your server host any site, including one like the one youre reading, locally or worldwide. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a07c348ca7236340828e8a0b5b359006" );document.getElementById("e141a2b30a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Sign me up for Dong Knows Tech's newsletter. Looking at the DS923+, 1522+, and 1621+ (I recall having 4 disks and an SSD for cache. Ill explain why I came to that decision and the general idea of how to manage a Synology server. The S is for the primary unit (you need at least one of these) and the X is for the expansion unit. Thanks for this. Just a lot more headache. Bought a QNAP TVS series Performance was stellar and having Thunderbolt 3 connectivity was cool, along with 10GBaseT performance. Well, thats true for all servers none can handle unlimited storage space. You can use the DS File mobile app to access shared folders and move data between the server and the mobile device. Synology is focused on cost . If youre a tech enthusiast, youll have no problem figuring one out. Is that a possible issue? The unofficial Synology forum for NAS owners and enthusiasts. A file or folder name on Synology NAS is displayed as something like 12HWA0~8 when accessed from a client computer via SMB. Its recommended that you (think of) replacing them every 3 or 5 years, depending on the type you use. a movie split across multiple files)? Over the years I tried various ones and the parser would do a poor job of correctly identifying the episode but my recommendation worked. There are many ways for that, too, depending on what you want to do. Generally, each drive bay can handle an internal hard drive of whatever max capacity that is available. First and foremost, Plex will never alter your actual files because all the data it uses is stored in your Plex Media Server's database. Thats also the case with a Synology server. In reality those hard drives are actually more likely to fail and harm you data because NVMe drives are usually not built to be written and read to that often. If you want a recommended naming scheme and examples take a look TRaSH's Recommended Naming Schemes . This is around 40 cheaper than the DS216j, but it has only a single-core 800MHz processor and 256MB rather than 512MB of RAM. We already know the size of the hard drives we want so all that is left is to choose the brand. That said, you need to learn how to use them from scratch. Hi Carsten, Im guessing you mean multi-file movies (e.g. Yet another excellent article. This will allow me to get a lot of storage with just four hard drives but leave me plenty of room for expansion. Im having issues with a movie called Doc West, it was released within 1 week of Doc West 2. And we are thinking of getting an outdoor surveillance camera. Working with a Synology NAS server is similar to working with a Windows or Mac computer. Quite annoying. As we have not formally heard Synology launch SRM 3 (in beta, provisionally or in RC), that likely means that the RT6600ax will arrive with the current fully-featured SRM software and services, with the newest version with enhanced network management, security, improved intuitive layout and enhanced mobile app soon afterwards. Is there a delay to the database update? Get one, use it, then try a Synology, youll learn. But remember, I mentioned that this is where it gets a bit tricky. MLC: The 2-bit data multi-level cell (MLC) flash generally takes up to 3,000 write cycles. So let's take my criteria, desktop form factor with 8 drive bays, and plug it into Synology's product list I get three models: DS1817, DS1819+, DS1821+. You don't want to wake up one morning and find out that one of your hard drives failed and now you've lost all the photos of your child's first year. Any help would be great. In the case of unwanted data alteration, such as after a ransomware attack, you can restore the data to the previous version, either the entire shared folder or by selecting individual files. The only shows on that page I actually have are Buffy, Angel, The Mechanical Universe, The Mandalorian, and Invader Zim. Even if a camera is not on the list, as long as it supports ONVIF, you can configure it to work with the Surveillance Station. My people also use the ones in their homes for local time machine backups (we synch some of them) as well as as a DVR in places where theres great OTA TV service like Dallas and LA. I do know that the play versions have a hardware chip for transcoding video on the fly when using the DS Video app on your Synology box for streaming media to your other devices. I want to ask your advice. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. As mentioned above, this can have a significant impact on how quickly the NAS can transfer files over your network. Buy Western Digital Red Plus hard drives. There are three volume size limits, 16TB, 108TB, and 200TB. The last two digits are the model year. I assume that the slim is for a box that's a bit smaller than the non-slim version. My original plan was to expand volumes across the two units and switch from SHR to SHR2, but now I am reading a lot about spanning volumes across two units being a bad idea. The purpose was as the main storage for my wifes business files, mostly word and excel docs and massive outlook psts. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Synology VideoStation Movie & TV Folder Naming Conventions. Download Station is the best way to download anything from any source. The D is for a standalone "desk top" model and the R is for a rack mountable model. Hiya, so before I start renaming 64 tv shows of ~ 3TB and ~ 1600 files, I'd like to make sure how to cover both naming conventions of Kodi (or better, the scraper for thetvdb.com) and Synology Video Station simultaneously. Very interested in this topic. You can support the site directly via donations or subscriptions. Thank you! Have been lazily delaying finishing my server build on some old hardware and wanting to add a RAID setup, but these honestly seem like theyd be easier to use. And considering you likely will enjoy it every day, at times even unknowingly, however much you pay today is a fair price. 2. use something other than space. The system does have to do double the work or the entire job depending on how you look at it. Maybe someone else can fill in the details that I'm not as familiar with. I dont see this in Synology Video Station. They can also trust specific devices, making subsequent logins more convenient. Click Add, upload a ".zip" or ".tar" file from your computer, and name it. So, in the end, the most annoying thing about Synology NAS is the cost. I honestly care more about the capacities. So wheres a prospective buyer to start? 2. Also while we are on the topic of RAM, increasing your RAM is the easiest way to increase the performance of your NAS. The bottom two (Value and J) are more for people who have little knowledge into this sort of thing and just want to have some extra storage space on their network. we all know nas appliance is more secure and data security is necessary. I buy our ram upgrades from crucial and have never had an issue, fwiw. If you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission. (Also, it might be a good opportunity to go through and create a consistent naming schema for everything, which I haven't done so far.). Don't expect amazing performance, would avoid it if you're planning to do anything more than a single stream of video (without transcoding), but overall it's a good home solution. That is why I said that picking the number of drive bays is going to be the most important decision. You connect your NAS to an expansion unit with a single cable which is a large point of failure. It required MUCH more care and feeding than the Synology, and Im regretting recommending QNAP to one of my clients. Please allow ads when visiting Dong Knows Tech!Ads pay for the sites free and No-Nonsense content. Per Synology's naming convention, the xs+ signifies this is a high-end desktop server designed specifically for business users.. Which NAS will pull 150 low-resolution video views on smartphones through a single local site. Before getting a Synology, you should remember some possibly unpleasant items below. Thanks. If a drive has a S.M.A.R.T error or bad sectors, its time to replace it. Timeslip - a children's series from the 70's - there was only a single series - with 4 different stories - each about 6 episodes long. I actually was one of those loving DIY NAS servers for many years. This may seem obvious but some people would rather buy four 4TB hard drives rather than two 8TB ones for their 4 bay NAS. It must follow the form {edition- [Edition Name]} . 1. And yes, if you have a 2-bay server, RAID 1 is a must as I explained in the SHR section. Relative Paths Maximum Path Length Limitation Namespaces Win32 File Namespaces Win32 Device Namespaces NT Namespaces Related topics To learn about configuring Windows 10 to support long file paths, see Maximum Path Length Limitation. Select Video Station and click Edit. At the time that I bought my Synology (a DS1513+), I wasn't looking in the 2-4 bay versions where you find most of those suffixes to the model, so I didn't worry much about figuring out what they mean. The DVD episode numbering and order is different from the series episodes broadcast as found on the internet. If you look at compatibility lists for the newest models, some of them mostly or exclusively list Synologys own drive models, which I am guessing are just rebadged drives of another make with maybe a minor firmware tweak. If you want to save a bit of money maybe consider looking at an earlier model. You have to set the same type of LA on both ends, Raghu. This powerful business feature allows the NAS server to be part of a network with a Windows Server. I admit to feeling frustrated that Synology still doesnt put 10Gbit on the motherboard and requires add in cards to get NVMe caching nor puts USB-C gen2 onboard, but I hope that the market will pull them that way. So once I have a camera recording video to the NAS, how do I view the video when I am at a location away from my home network? Starting with DSM 7, all Synology NAS servers have the option of a 2-Factor Authentication login, which you can enforce on individual accounts or a user group. Founded in 2004, Trusted Reviews exists to give our readers thorough, unbiased and independent advice on what to buy. You need to add the Episode Title by yourself. I was thinking about buying Synology NAS, but ended up building one myself. None is successful and thats what that matters. Ive been using this for years and once you get used to it, its very powerful you can even rename multiple folders full of filenames at once, trim white space, search/replace and if youre really hardcore, use Regular Expressions. Video streaming is quite lenient on local bandwidth since a device can buffer data and therefore will not use a lot of bandwidth in real-time, but if you have 150 folks streaming *at the same time*, you want to use Link Aggregation on the NAS. According to Plex, the correct naming convention goes like this: Diagnosis Proceed to Resolution if all the following conditions are met: The file or folder name is correctly displayed in DSM > File Station. 3. Ive worked on most Synology home and SMB servers, starting with the first servers released over a decade ago. That depends on your data and what you want, Richard. Not only do they get the convenience of NAS but also the drive failure protection of RAID. Check out my blog on https://rasmushaslund.com - Rasmus is a Veeam Certified Trainer and passionate about all community work. You can turn on this feature for all the user accounts on the server, and each account will have its own private sync/backup space. On the Synology side, i just have to enable LA by creating a Bond in the Network Interface section. Permission Type: Select Public if you want the library to be accessed by everyone. Plus series is the more powerful one with Intel CPUs and more RAM. I decided to go with an 8 bay NAS and 10TB hard drives. Learn how your comment data is processed. https://www.synology.com/en-us/knowledgebase/DSM/help/VideoStation/category. You now know everything you need to buy your Synology NAS so go ahead and pull the trigger. . I have link aggregation successfully configured on them and it uses the Lan1/Lan2 ports on router and shows as Bonded in the DSM. I am your regular reader. I would recommend changing the recommendation a little: 1. put season and episode before the title of the episode. Can someone help me understand what is the sequence here. As a result, when you know one Synology server, for the most part, you know them all. RAID 1 of two hard drives can be quite slow. need to expand your storage), you'd buy the respective DX or RX model. After that, you can access your NAS from anywhere, using quickconnect.to/UniqueName as the address. The Replication portion works somewhat like the folder sync mentioned above and requires additional volume (or storage devices.) just as this one will be. I figured that writing down my experience would not only help me make the best decisions but hopefully help others who experienced my same helplessness. Therefore, put the most important information first. That listing for Buffy that has a movie poster only shows two seasons within. For anything remotely work-related, Id recommend using Plus server (like the DS1621+) and not J. In this article, were going to cover only the kind of desktop NAS youd use in your home or a small office, rather than anything that requires a server rack. Oh wait, let's throw on the tinfoil hat for a moment. Why cant both be built in and let me have the card slot for something to expand to rather than just getting me part way to table stakes? Double-click on it when you find something, and the download will start. Great to see the concepts, and most of the options and terminology all in one place. But it never hurts to have a server with more bays. When it comes to NAS server, Synology is FAR ahead in the game. Click Save to save your settings. As a rule, you need to have a backup scheme for a server, as simple as using an external drive connected to the servers USB port. But Synology servers are entirely different from WD, for a good reason. I wonder if I should use the Italian names for the episodes and whether I should name the files in the style Commissario Montalbano S01E01 The Snack Thief (or should I use the Italian title Il ladro di merendine). Maybe you can discern what the first two letters indicate, but the numbers and accompanying symbols or random words are anything but clear. Thank you for that. In fact, with the Active Directory integration mentioned above, you can have a Windows Server-based advanced network without a separate server. You express a preference several times for 4-6 bay systems, I assume that is because that many drives gives you the flexibility to choose whatever RAID fits your needs best. Looking for on-site storage for your home or SMB? 1. A very important point I want to make is that being low on this list does not mean bad. which is also a lot more expensive than generic hardware from other vendors. But then a few years down the road they realize they are running out of space. For those needing a dozen cams or so, the cost can add up fast. The great thing about buying a Synology NAS is that it comes with amazing software that allows you to back it up. In cases where you group your movie files together (not within individual folders for each movie), you'll need to make sure that the files are named appropriately. Are there any particular reasons for Synology over QNAP for you? Available in all server that supports the new Btrfs file system most Synology server released in the past decade do the Snapshot Replication is an excellent add-on security feature. The most favourable brand seemed to be Synology so I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase one. These are the most powerful devices Synology has to offer. But dont take my word for it. Furthermore, generally, Synology servers require Synology-approved hardware RAM, network cards, hard drives, SSDs, etc. There are just too many apps. I am getting a hard time to understand the sequence of the name to understand a general sense what they represent and which one is better than other. Personally I recommend a main folder per TV Show, a sub-folder for each season and individual episodes named via the emboldened format below (the login being that this structure can be browsed via a network or a search and still make sense): TV Show Name/Season 1/TV Show Name Episode Title S01E01.avi TV Show Name s01e01.avi TV Show Name s01e01-e02.avi TV Show Name 101.avi TV Show Name Season 1 Episode 1.avi TV Show Name Season 1 E01.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/01.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/s01e01.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/101.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/TV Show Name s01e01.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/TV Show Name 101.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/Episode 1.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/Season 1 Episode 1.avi TV Show Name Season 1/01.avi TV Show Name Season 1/s01e01.avi TV Show Name Season 1/101.avi TV Show Name Season 1/TV Show Name s01e01.avi TV Show Name Season 1/TV Show Name 101.avi TV Show Name Season 1/Episode 1.avi TV Show Name Season 1/Season 1 Episode 1.avi. It's easy! I cut my NAS teeth on a DS1512+ at work several years ago. We synch them up via the internet for the photos and videos from projects, as well as synchronizing our time machine backups for offsite backup. An excellent article and well written. The only requirement is that the destination server has the same or more drive bays than your existing unit. The number of drive bays spans the entire game of series. One or two digits which represent the maximum number of hard drives the NAS can support. Or is it something else? From Control Panel, select Network. When migrating to Egnyte, Migration App offers the option to Sanitize these file names on the source so that they can be migrated. Dependent on the number of drives they can house, their hardware specs, and release year, you'll see names like DS1621+, RS1619xs, FS1018, and so on. In your discussion of the available apps I did not see mention of a good encryption app. Backup is different from redundancy. A neat way to visualise this is to use the tool on Synologys website, which will also explain what will happen if you use a different RAID type from SHR, such as RAID0 or 5. For some reason I am frequently getting a connection failed error on the synology assistant and the router does not seem to be recognized for configuring the port forwarding. Here's an image that shows how the model number breaks down (which I was I was trying to explain in my post): https://www.synology.com/img/products/getting_started/choose_01.jpg. Theres also a search function that will look among BitTorrent sources for what you want. It answered all my questions, especially what the model numbers mean. and independent advice on what to buy. We have seen in the past where a third-party drive maker has validated drives and then later updates their firmware without telling us so that their drives are no longer compatible. And thanks for sharing your experience. Click OK and Video Station will check if the plugin is valid. And out of that extensive experience, I cant find anything purely negative about Synology NAS. RAID 1 is definitely about data survival and not performance. That is the concept of a RAID. This stands for DiskStation, and is the upright desktop box . We would use it to backup our MacBook Air. Again, its just like any Windows or Mac OS. Some are also easier to use, and most are more affordable than those from Synology. ago u/StorageReview Synology has quietly added support for M.2 SSD volumes. You can run many downloads simultaneously and queue an unlimited amount of downloads. I will note one major change to Synology products that may have taken effect since the original publishing date of this article Synology no longer universally works with all make of drives. I have a 5 Bay Synology at home that backs up work files, along with 4 and 5 bay Synologies in 3 other cities at our leads homes to sync files back to us. 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