Cloud Area School District 742 and is for District 742 resident students only. Among the many choices, you will find both Spanish and Chinese Language Immersion Programs, 19 Advanced Placement classes, 33 High School League sponsored activities, countless clubs and groups, rigorous academics and comprehensive Choir, Band and Orchestra programs. . Owen Allee, Breannah Brace, Noa Buckland, Skylar Carr, Claire Cumming, Andrea Delgado, Jake DeLuise, Evelyn DePalma, Ryan DiNobile, Maysie Doyle, Saoirse Fehilly, Christa George, Henry Gute, Maeve Haley, Drew Kelly, Maximilian Kong, Heidi Maeng, Josue Martell, Louise Mauks, Elise Moran, Claire Morgan, Sigil Netboy, Zora Nicholls, Payton OConnell, Vivien Padoleski, James Reyes, Austin Ricketts, Maeve Rinaldi, Khloe Roci, Giana Rodriguez, Mackinley Roland, Bowie Roy, Isabella Ruffy, Nathaniel Salvati, Evangeline Santise, Hazel Schein, Benjamin Seaman, Shane Signorelli, Gonzalo Soria Velecela, Caellum Tripaldi, Derek Waltke, Caleb Wells-McGurk, Owen Youatt, Trey Zapencki, High Honor Roll Faculty and Staff Directory. The new name and quotes from Ms. Johnson are pictured here in an image taken from . Even as a child, I did not really understand the magnitude of her work, but as I became an adult I learned about her great and important work at NASA and the fact that she really had superpowers, they were passion, perseverance, and courage," Johnson said of her aunt to local Virginia ABC affiliate WJLA. The former Sidney Lanier Middle School in Fairfax County, Va., has been renamed Katherine Johnson Middle School. School Information. Welcome to Katherine Johnson Middle School in San Juan Unified School District! The staff know all parents and teachers and the campus is great. 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Questions about the program can be directed to: Brenda Blackmore, Director of Alternative ProgramsKatherine Johnson Education Center713 Anderson AveSt. Johnson is known for her contributions to helping NASA put the first man on the moon and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States highest civilian honor, by President Barack Obama at age 97 in 2015. Get mail delivery A more detailed description of alternative sites is included in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Consequently, in addition to providing a well-rounded academic curriculum that allows the student the opportunity to progress toward a goal of graduation from their home school, another primary focus of the school program is to identify interfering behaviors that may occur in an instructional setting and teach the skills necessary to assist students in making better decisions. A: All middle schools in San Juan Unified feature facilities for physical education and recreation. There are several ways you can share your voice throughout the process: A: Katherine Johnson Middle school is currently co-located on the campus of Encina Preparatory High School at 1400 Bell Street. African American NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, pay homage to America's history of slavery and racism, Hidden Figures Congressional Gold Medal Act" in 2019, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The documents are expected to be available for public review by August 2022. The City of Fairfax School Board voted unanimously to change the name of Lanier Middle School to Katherine Johnson Middle School at their meeting on Monday, November 2, 2020. For example, to find all of the staff who teach English, you can type "English" and select Search. "As our City of Fairfax Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Pajardo reminded us at the ceremony, 'Names matter, names inspire, and names show students that they are valued," Hanna added. The former Sidney Lanier Middle School in Fairfax County, Va., has been renamed Katherine Johnson Middle School. Katherine Johnson died last year at the age of 101. Select Departments . Enjoying your time at Crystal Middle School 400 Whispering Bay Ln Suisun City, CA 94585 (707) 435-5800. The 2019 Sterling Scholar finalists are introduced during the Deseret News/KSL Sterling Scholar Awards ceremony at the Conference Center's Little Theatre in Salt Lake City on Friday, March 15, 2019. School Profile; Staff Directory; Student Rights and Responsibilities ; Academics. Click here to support our journalism. In September 2020, the Fairfax city school board made the decision after a majority of residents called to have the name changed. The 2023-2024 school year calendar is also available. A: The main driver is the input from the community on the separation of middle school grades from Encina High School, and the projected increase of student populations in the west region is a secondary factor in the relocation decision. 3182 Route 9, Philipstown Square. A Virginia middle school was once named after a Confederate soldier and now its name will be replaced with a Black hero, reports Afro Tech. A: For a detailed timeline of the history of Encina's 6-12 model and the decision to move grades 6-8 to a separate middle school, please visit the link below. New name will be effective SY 2021-2022. Or you can search by department or job title. Katherine Johnson Education Center Alternative Program serves students in grades K-12 utilizing three educational programs. Alicia Terry - Technology [email protected] To improve a student's academic skills and study habits through a learning environment in which students experience success. Child Nutrition. ADMINISTRATION AND OFFICE STAFF. Janaly Alvarado, Riley Anderson, Sarp Bagriyanik, Charles Boulding, Jack Bunker, Andrew Caporale, Jackson Coultas, Gabriela Diaz, Sofia Dunay, Grace Fleming, Natalia Garcia, Lucien Guido Taylor, London Hernandez, Weston Hetrick, Niara Johnson, Nahlia Keane, Pixie Kimberg, Logan Lyall, Michael MacDougall, Olive Macina, Marianna Marrero, Katalina McBride, Dakota ODell, Avyanna Olvera, Riley Peterson, Negatu Price, Dion Qelaj, Leela Ramdeen, Alexandra Resendiz, Sophia Romero, Jonathan Saraceno, Warren Spatta, Hannah Spencer, Sophia Spiconardi, Syed Umrao, Everett VanCott, Joshua Velazquez, Lily Vogrincic, Noah Wright. "So, I think it appropriate that the name Katherine Johnson for our middle school will inspire new generations of 'Eagles' for our community, and I look forward to watching them fly.". Reporter Mike Turton (right) conducts an interview for our podcast. To model, teach, and reinforce appropriate social and learning behaviors. Editorial standards Cecilia Allee, Maayan Alon, Danica Brennen, Jerry Chen, Terry Chen, Shannon Colandrea, Emily Coldrick, Theodore Concepcion, Zamaya Cone, Travis Dickston, Fionn Fehilly, Khloe Franklin, Valeria Garcia, Kayla Gerardes, Emilio Guerra, Elma-Taherin Hassan, Abigail Haydt, August Hayes, Shaun Jabar, Ruby King, Wenang Kobarsih, Katelyn Kong, Mary Lopez, Lily Mack, Asha Marcus, Victoria McKay, Isaac McKible, Shyanne McNair, Levi Partlow, John Rose, Charlotte Rossi, Abdul-Rahman Sayibu, Finch Simons, Harper Strang, Elliott Thorne, Gavin Troiano, Isaac Tschang, Jesse Vermeulen, Aslynn Way, Parker White, Julie Whittemore, ine Woods, High Honor Roll Teachers and Staff - "My Favorite Things", 2023 Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax County, Virginia, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), Rising 9th Grade Course Catalog (Fairfax HS). Car for sale? A workshop was held for the Environmental Impact Report on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 4 p.m at the district office board room (3738 Walnut Ave. in Carmichael). Help wanted? All online comments are moderated, must include your full name and may appear in print. The following is an alphabetical directory of the Katherine Johnson MS staff. Submit an absence online. District staff are currently working with construction and traffic experts to assess options that ensure the campus and neighborhood are easily accessible. Q3 Week 8: March 6-10. Type in a staff member's last name and select Search for quick results. Enroll by contacting the school. Please see the sidebar for the most recent updates. Femmie Akinwunmi, Jacqueline Albra, Caden Balfour, Kiersten Barber, Madison Beltran, Lily Berry, Gavin Bruno, Sarah Camara, Amari Clarke, Zahara Cone, Vaughn Davis, Joseline Duran, Leah Fahlman, Kyle Fairbanks, Mckenna Griffin, Troi Harvey Semple, Alejandro Herrera, Brianna Hunt, Breanna Jones, Christopher Lee, Justin Mann, Ruby Martin, Victoria Maruggi, Braelyn Milligan, Uswah Mohammed Murtada, Oscar Pages, Sofia Posso Salcedo, Luis Ramon, Thalia Rodriguez, Hunter Smith, Sophia Tomasik Dume, Julie Vogrincic, Hayden Wilson, Luna Yawman, Joey Zezza, Nicholas Zippo, Honor Roll Choosing 742 means choosing more options and opportunities for your child. History and timeline of Encina's 6-12 model. Former president Donald Trump signed the "Hidden Figures Congressional Gold Medal Act" in 2019 which awarded Congressional gold medals, the highest civilian award in the United States, to Johnson and Dr. Christine Darden and posthumous medals to Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. This is one of LAUSDs best kept secrets. - 8th grade parent, The school is small therefore a great place for teacher/student individualized attention. In her final years, she saw her accomplishments honored in a number of ways, including receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from. . Child Nutrition. To provide appropriate, respectful teaching interactions and consistent consequences when students display inappropriate behaviors. Katherine Johnson Middle School to kick off new campus construction with a groundbreaking ceremony on April 14 San Juan Unified will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for Katherine Johnson Middle School's new campus construction project on Friday, April 14 at 9:30 a.m. Earl LeGette students, staff sign steel beam A: Both middle schools in the west region will be built using bond, developer fees and state matching funds. 703-934-2424. Baltimore City Public Schools does not discriminate in its employment, programs, and activities, based on race, ethnicity, color, ancestry, national origin, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, pregnancy or parenting status, family structure, ability (cognitive, social/emotional, and physical), veteran status, genetic information, age, immigration or citizenship status, socioeconomic status, language, or any other legally or constitutionally protected attributes or affiliations, as outlined in Board Policies. This school accepts students who live in the attendance zone. The potential new campus will have the capacity to accommodate 650 students and looks to include a new maker space, an outdoor learning area, classroom buildings and a multipurpose room. Information was shared about the process the project staff will use to design and build the potential new campus. Her contributions continued to serve the nation and helped ensure that the Eagle had landedand landed safely, said city school board member Jon Buttram in November. The City of Fairfax's school board voted unanimously to change the school's name in November 2020 after months of public debate and hearings. She is a 6th grader and acclimated to middle school life seamlessly from elementary. [emailprotected]. Johnson is a modern-day space legend with a legacy of being one of four Black women whose work with NASA helped pave the way for the first American astronaut to successfully orbit Earth. San Juan Unified will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for Katherine Johnson Middle Schools new campus construction project on Friday, April 14 at 9:30 a.m. Earl LeGette Elementary students and staff took a moment on Feb. 27 to sign their name onto a steel beam that will be installed onto the overhang of the schools future multipurpose room. To recognize student strengths and capitalize on appropriate choices. Copyright 2002-2023 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. Or you can search by department or job title. The Level IV Program is a day program operated by St. Johnson was hired by NASA in 1953 and calculated the trajectory for Alan Shepard, the first American in space, before electronic computers were used. A copy of the presentation can be found below. A new Katherine Johnson Middle School is anticipated to be built on the current Creekside property, located at 2641 Kent Drive in Sacramento. An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) formal scoping meeting was held on June 30 at 6 p.m. in the multipurpose room at Creekside Adult School (2641 Kent Dr., Sacramento). Lanier was a prominent American poet and private in the Confederate army. A: Katherine Johnson Middle School began operations in the 2021-2022 school year for students in grades 6 through 8. Fair Day All district offices and campuses closed on October 10, 2022. Email the editor, 142 Main St. The Current welcomes comments on its coverage and local issues. Please note that the final EIR documents are available above. Johnson Middle School staff members and community members strive to ensure our school is a supportive . MaKena Johnson [email protected] STEAM Team. Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy For Parents Parents and schools need to work together for the betterment of the students. Katherine Johnson Education Center Alternative Program serves students in grades K-12 utilizing three educational programs. Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and related documents for the potential relocation of Katherine Johnson Middle School to the Creekside site are available below. Sign Up for Katherine Johnson STEM Academy Updates. 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